Solar Energy in Leonardtown, Maryland

solar panels with battery backup in Leonardtown maryland

  • Percent of Electric Bill covered: 101%
  • System Size (kW): 13
  • Annual Power Production: 14806 kWh
  • Average Monthly Production: 1,233.83 kWh
  • Average Daily Production: 40.54 kWh
  • Estimated CO2 Savings: 7.33 Tons
  • Solar Panels/Modules: Hanwha Q-cells
  • Solar Inverter: SolarEdge
  • Electric Utility: SMECO

    Solar Panel plus Battery Back-up Powers up in Leonardtown, MD!  Our customer was able to eliminate 100% of his SMECO bill by switching to solar. The moment he turns on the system, you can actually see his SMECO meter start running backward! ?? Joel also got a two battery backup system. ?? If there is a power outage, the solar energy system keeps producing and when the sun goes down, the batteries take over.??

    Check out Joel as he powers up his solar panel and battery backup system:


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