Solar Neighborhood Canvasser

Solar Neighborhood Canvasser

Solar Neighborhood Canvasser 

Energy Select is looking for a bright, energetic, confident person to help generate solar leads.

As a neighborhood canvasser, you will be out in the community helping local families understand more about the benefits of solar energy. There are a lot of misconceptions flooding the solar market and Energy Select wants to offer education and guidance to our prospective clients. Remember, you are representing not just yourself, but our company, and solar energy as a whole. 

Why be a Solar Canvasser: 

We all want to make an impact in our day to day lives. To be able to say we affected something, sparked change, or made a difference in the world. This is a piece of that puzzle. You will get paid to help people understand why solar energy is a smart option for their home and wallets. Green energy is the way of the future. We want you to be a part of that and a part of the Energy Select team. 


If you like clean, green energy, helping people, and affecting the world, this is the flexible job path for you. This position can lead to bonuses and a full time sales position!!  



  • Targeting local neighborhoods with approved marketing materials  

  • Knock on doors, distribute flyers, speak with homeowners 

  • Have genuine conversations with prospective clients about solar power 

  • Teach local homeowners about the benefits of solar energy

  • Set appointments for energy advisors 

  • Must have a clean driving record and valid license 

  • Walk for an extended period of time 


Keys to your Success:

  • An eagerness to learn as well as to educate 

  • Confident, creative, and goal oriented 

  • Strong communication skills and a professional demeanor

  • You have an outgoing personality and are not afraid to strike up a conversation with strangers 

  • Great people skills with the ability to pivot your ‘pitch’ based on who you are talking to

  • Computer savvy with the ability to learn new processes quickly 

*No experience required. We are looking for the right person(s) to fill this position, so don’t be afraid to send over a great cover letter explaining why we want you to be our solar canvasser. Send that with your resume to with the Subject Line: "NEW Solar Canvasser, {NAME}" 


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