Sales and Business Development Representative

Do you love helping people? Are you passionate about our environment? Are you confident? Are you amazing at following up? Do you feel comfortable approaching people you don’t know?


Energy Select is a full-service energy consultant and contractor, specializing in solar power, energy audits, and LED lighting retrofits. We are on a mission to help businesses and homeowners save money and save the planet through reducing energy consumption and installing sustainable energy production. We are seeking a Sales and Business Development Representative who will be key to completing our mission. This position will primarily work with customers in our core territory (St. Mary’s, Calvert, and Charles Counties).


This position will start focusing on business lighting retrofits sales. Successful sales folks will quickly graduate to our other sales areas including solar.


What we can give:

  • This position offers a unique level of flexibility. If you just need some work to fill in after hours, and weekends, that’s great! If you want to be full-time, hard-charging and taking the world by storm, even better! We want you to love what you do, and we recognize it needs to fit with your personal and family responsibilities.
  • Not only do we offer great commission income, but we also offer a draw on commission if you hit a slow patch, so there is always something coming in. With strong commissions, the income potential is in your control. If you work hard on the items in the “wildly successful” section, you will do very well.
  • The environment is energetic (see what we did there???). We’re growing and evolving and now is a great time to get in the door and be a part of shaping our future. The team in the office is driven to help you succeed. 

What will make you wildly successful?

  • You need to be always prospecting. For our business customers, sales are easy, but you must be constantly knocking on doors and asking for referrals. For solar sales, being involved in community organizations and cross-selling will keep the sales funnel full.
  • You must be fast and tech-savvy. Speed is a huge component of success. Our customers want you to be responsive.
  • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.
  • The best thing to do in sales is to ask questions. We need you to be able to ask great questions to understand our customers. 
  • You need to be confident in asking for the sale.
  • For business sales, the hours are regular business hours. For residential solar customers, the golden hours are between 4:30pm and 6:30pm, plus some weekend appointments. The more you can work those golden hours, the better you will do.

Some other duties include:

  • Gathering information from customers to prepare proposals.
  • Working with internal sales and design team to prepare the best options to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Deliver and review contracts with customers.
  • Make our customers brag about our service.

This position will start by selling our lighting programs. Successful performance in this position will be based on improving our market share within our territory. This position is not for the faint of heart.


  • Character that matches our culture is more important than job skills. We are looking for a positive attitude, enthusiasm, reliability, professionalism, initiative, respect, integrity, and an attitude of gratitude.
  • Incredible at follow-up. Nothing slips by you and you always ask for the sale.
  • Well-organized and able to work on multiple projects simultaneously to keep the sales funnel full and balanced.
  • Excellent computer and communication tools experience.
  • Ability to produce quality information with speed and accuracy.
  • Incredible at follow-up… yes, we said that already, but we can’t emphasize it enough


Desired Pluses:

  • Strong track record in personal sales

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