Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

We are looking for a “FIVE-STAR” Executive Assistant

Our solar company is at the peak of the market and is growing fast.

We want a person that can provide a high-level of administrative support with strong organizational, project management and problem-solving skills and impeccable multi-tasking abilities. Put another way, if you are a multi-tasker and consider yourself extremely competent, reliable, and committed to your job, you have our attention!

You will be the Executive Assistant to the President of Energy Select and to keep up you need to be self-directed and able to work without supervision, project a high level of self-confidence, comfortable in both a leadership and team-player roles, able to concentrate on multiple tasks at once with excellent time management and prioritization skills and be able to follow direction. Compensation is based on experience and qualifications.

Send your resume and cover letter in pdf format to victoria@energyselectllc.com. In your cover letter tell me two things:

  • Why do you want this job and why do you believe you can do this job?
  • Describe your last 2 bosses you had and why you liked and didn’t like working for them.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepares client proposals
  • Communicates with clients
  • Handles a multitude of project-oriented tasks
  • Manages presidents calendar
  • Records notes during meetings and summarizes into action item steps
  • Some marketing responsibilities such as preparing presentations
  • Requirements and Skill-sets
  • A demonstrated commitment to an organization
  • Minimum 5 years of related administration/managerial experience
  • Must be a computer wizard, a fast typist, and very comfortable in software applications
  • Professional communication and organizational skills
  • High degree of energy, motivation, and dedication to quality and excellence

Pay is DOE - if you feel you are the right fit, we want to see your resume and cover letter! 

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