We Pay Your Bill Promotion

The hardest thing about solar is when you sign up you are excited to start saving, but there is system engineering, permitting, approval, construction, and inspections. Our spring promotion skips all that and goes straight to the savings. 

We’re excited to help customers save money immediately by paying a portion of your electric bill when you sign a contract for your new solar system. 

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Promotion terms and conditions:

  • Energy Select will pay 50% of the difference between your average monthly electric bill without solar and your average monthly electric bill with solar as outlined in your solar proposal.  This will be for each thirty day period (prorated) between the contract signing date in the case of cash contracts or, in the case of loan contracts, the final financing approval date, and the date we receive Permission To Operate (PTO) from the utility (hereafter referred to as “The Benefit”). Example: If your previous 12 months average bill is $200 and your projected bill with solar bill is $10, you will have a projected savings of $190. Energy Select will credit you 50% of $190, or $95. 

  • This promotion applies to all residential meters and customers. Valid for commercial meters and customers below 50 kW and excludes the permitting period.

  • This promotion ends June 30, 2021.

  • To qualify, you must sign your contract within fourteen (14) days of your initial proposal presentation.

  • Energy Select reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time.

  • Energy Select will need timely information, approvals and access from you for a timely installation. Energy Select reserves the right to cancel, stop, or suspend The Benefit if there are excessive, measurable, cumulative delays caused by you, the customer, exceeding four weeks.

  • This promotion voids on contract cancellation. If at any point in the installation process, you must cancel the job, any payments made to pay your electric bill will be added to any other cancelation fees which are detailed in the solar system contract.

  • The payment of The Benefit will be made to you after Energy Select is paid in full for the project.