Energy Select Finishes Their 200th Enphase Install!

Solar System in Maryland for Homeowner

“This was a big week for us.” says James Horstkamp, the Energy Select owner and president. “We just powered up our 200th system with Enphase microinverters, which shows how far we’ve come in the past year.” The company made the switch to microinverters in 2023, and quickly made Enphase their default choice when designing solar systems for homeowners. 

“Switching was a tough decision, since we weren’t familiar with the Enphase components and design, but it really paid off, since customer satisfaction has drastically improved.” says Horstkamp. After the decision, the company worked on getting the crews and engineers Enphase certified. A year and some months later, Energy Select continues to be happy with their pivot, as they turn on their 200th Enphase install. 

James finishes by saying, “We are always looking for ways to make the customer’s experience better and we’re proud to continue our partnership with Enphase.” See some of their completed systems below!

Why Microinverters?

There are three main ways to power a solar panel system: string inverters, string inverters with power optimizers, and microinverters. While they are the cheapest, string inverters have limited efficiency, oftentimes only performing as well as the least performing panel. Strings with optimizers solve part of the problem by regulating power at a panel level, but still leaves a single point of failure- the inverter. Conversely, microinverters do not rely on a single inverter but instead a microinverter is attached to the back of every single panel, converting the Sun’s DC power to usable AC. This negates the need for a central inverter. 

“This creates a decentralized conversion system.” states Christian Peck, the Operations Manager. “Even if some panels are underperforming, the rest of the system is unaffected and allowed to function at full capacity.” 

Why Enphase?

Energy Select did not make the switch lightly, knowing it would become their flagship product in their solar line. They ultimately settled on Enphase for three main reasons, as described below:

  • Superior Warranties: The microinverters boasts a 25-year warranty, meaning in the rare case the microinverter needs to be replaced, the homeowner can have peace of mind. 
  • Made in North America: Enphase has made huge strides to create its products in the United States, with factories in South Carolina and Texas, and other locations in North America. Energy Select embraces North American made products, as it creates local jobs and helps support the country’s clean energy economy.
  • Industry Leader: According to EnergySage, Enphase was the #1 most quoted and installed inverter in 2023, with an over 60% market share. This trend has been increasing since 2020, where they still had over 50% market share. 


At Energy Select, they’re committed to providing the best possible solar experience for their customers. With our 200th Enphase installation complete, they’re proud to offer homeowners superior efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

Ready to join the clean energy revolution? Contact Energy Select today for a free consultation. They'll design a custom solar system that meets your needs and budget, powered by the industry-leading technology from Enphase. Find out how solar can benefit your home!