Group Solar

Group Solar is a way to combine the purchasing power of individuals to form a benefit for all. As part of the group, you take advantage of bulk purchasing power so your solar investment becomes even more affordable with higher returns.


When Energy Select works with a group we gain pricing leverage from our equipment suppliers and have increased administration and labor efficiencies so we can turn those savings into greater financial returns for you by lowering the cost of your solar system.


These Group Solar actions are sometimes, but not always, time specific, meaning they are only open to the group for a limited period of time. For example, for a rescue squad we may offer that a solar purchase should be made by squad members within ninety days to qualify for the Group Solar special pricing. In another case a family could participate in the Group Solar discount at any time because their child attends a school with which we have a program.


In many cases there may be an additional benefit to the organization itself on which the Solar Group was formed. Such an instance would be when a church wants to have a fundraiser, say for new food pantry equipment or the church’s own solar array. Not only would the church member receive the Group Solar discount but a determined dollar amount would be donated