solar panel installation

Solar panels work! With the cost of electricity rising in Maryland on average 4% per year since 2001, a 30% federal solar tax credit, and a $1,000 Maryland homeowner solar grant, now is the time for your home or business!


We are your local solar company! 
We are a fully-insured, accredited, and licensed electrical contractor. Our employees perform both project management and every aspect of the solar installation. This approach focuses our attention on your return on investment, quality workmanship, and your complete satisfaction from rebate application to final grid connection.


As a local solar company, we live, work, and worship in the same local area you do.
We have established long term relationships with SMECO, Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (BG&E), Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco). 


We answered the call from our hundreds of clients who wanted to 100% own their solar system (instead of solar leasing where the solar company keeps most of the benefits) and were looking for a highly reputable, non-aggressive solar company that wanted to deliver the right solar system for the customer’s individual needs.


Focusing on Southern Maryland, we know reputation matters here.


Financing options are available.


Solar system monitoringThe Energy Select Difference
When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We are an energy services company and a licensed Maryland electrical contractor, not just a solar company. That means we couple energy conservation with renewable energy production to find the best solution for your unique situation.

We are insanely focused on delivering the best value for our customers. Other companies that offer slightly less expensive systems, are missing small details that make a big difference. We install the best solar inverters on the market, quality made solar panels, and leak-proof railings.

Our business and home solar systems allows 24/7 monitoring of your production with immediate notifications sent to either a mobile phone or computer.