Energy Storage System (Batteries)

solar battery backup

An Energy Storage System (ESS) is a battery back-up system which stores electricity generated from solar panels or from the grid. If the battery back-up is powered by the grid, it is great temporary power. However, when coupled with solar panels, you can keep essential equipment going indefinitely. Solar battery storage is the safest way to go because fuel for other generators systems may not be available in extreme disasters events.

Battery backup power for a home or business is completely automated and requires no maintenance.

Because of net metering and power rates that do not change depending on the hour of the day, battery systems in Maryland are not generally used to save money. Instead, the Energy Storage System is used as a power outage battery backup. Because of the technological limitations of batteries, they are primarily used to back up essential functions such as a well pump, sump pump, refrigerator, freezer, and a few lights and outlets. 

Generally, we will isolate the essential power to a sub panel which will draw power from the battery during a power outage. Our most common solution is the LG Chem RESU10H.

There are generous rebates and incentives available for Energy Storage Systems and we can help you identify and apply for all of them.