EV Charger Installation

Electric vehicle chargers (EV chargers) for cars like teslas.

Electric vehicles are popping up more and more here in Southern Maryland. The need to charge those electric vehicles is growing just as fast. Having your own electric car charging station at home or at your business is a great solution.


Speed is a major factor. A home or business EV charger can charge up to six times faster than a standard outlet and can get you back on the road faster. If you hook the EV charger up to your own solar system, you can be charging for free!


The Maryland Energy Administration Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment Rebate Program offers a rebate of 40% up to $700. Applications are first-come, first-served until rebate funds run out. To qualify for the rebate, the EV charger must be installed by an experienced and licensed electrician. We meet those criteria and will handle all the paperwork.


Home EV Charging Station 
Use the charger app to check on your charging status so you know you are ready to go and even schedule reminders and alerts. For our ChargePoint chargers, you can even ask your Alexa device about your car charging status.


With the integrated charging cord, you can leave your traveling cord in the trunk and only haul it out when you need it on the road.


Commercial EV Charging Station
A Commercial EV charger can be a great addition to any business as a revenue opportunity, as something to attract new, sophisticated customers, or to take care of existing customers. See our article on 5 Ways to Profit from Commercial Car Chargers. An EV charger, prominently displayed, makes a statement about your business. It shows you are keeping up with trends, care for our environment, and want to help customers.