You win, they win, we win!


If one of your referrals receives a solar installation, you earn $250.


As we all know, referrals are the most trusted and beneficial way of sharing positive things. Our referral program brings rewards for all. Whether you’re an individual referring a friend or family member, or we know you through professional contacts, both of our referral programs offer a mutually beneficial opportunity.  


Energy Select offers two unique solar referral programs – Select Personal and Select Contacts.


Our Select Personal referral program is for those who would like to refer their close personal contacts, i.e. their friends and family members who they think might enjoy the benefits  of having a solar system -- and in turn gain some extra spending cash for referring them. Just think of all of your contacts on social media, it can be that simple. When your referral installs their solar system, your referral gets $250 cash and you receive $250 cash once installation is complete.


Our Select Contacts referral program is for licensed individuals or corporations in the business world that would like to turn their existing customers on to solar. Just think of all those customers you have served over the years. We can design the correspondence and help you reach back out to them. When you send us a referral that installs a solar system, you will receive $350 and your referrals will receive $250.