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Own Your Solar.

We are your Local Solution!  A fully insured, accredited and licensed electrical contractor, we have salaried employees which perform both project management and every aspect of the solar panel installation. This approach focuses our attention on your return on investment, quality workmanship and aesthetics, and your complete satisfaction from rebate application to final grid connection.

There is really only one good way to go with solar.  Own your system and have it installed by a company which is concentrated on the local market.  We answered the call from our hundreds of clients who were looking for a reputable, non-aggressive company that wanted to deliver a system that was right for the customer.

Why Buy Solar with Energy Select?

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We are not just solar experts, but energy experts! We look at the whole energy scenario of your premise before we size and design a solar system.  Often times there are additional cost-effective ways to address your energy usage by implementing SMECO rebated conservation measures.  When implemented these allow you to install a smaller solar system to address the remaining energy bill.

You get to keep the SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) which is a yearly dividend you will receive from the State for having the system.  This is why the current national solar companies from up the road want you to lease the system while they own it.  Whoever owns the system gets to keep the SREC’s

Your investment increases the value of your house.  It’s like the difference between owning your vehicle versus always renting or leasing it.  The Maryland Department of Energy states that for every $1 you invest in energy improvements in your house, the value of the house increases by $1.18

If you decide to sell your house, the solar system is sold with it just as a garage would be.  If there is a lease, the prospective home buyer must be willing to take over a solar lease with the initial installer.  That can be a great impediment to a sale.

Owned systems aim to completely eliminate an energy bill.  Leased systems merely reduce it.

We are locally vested company who survives by quality work and referrals.  We employ our own local installation crew who are frequently complimented for their professionalism and politeness.

That’s our business model.

Conserve the Energy + Produce the Remaining = Your Best Solution.

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