5 Simple Steps to Solar Power

Getting solar can seem like a confusing and pressured process – we answer all your questions and offer a non-pressured solution which we only want you to take advantage of if it’s right for you at this stage. We understand it is a large investment and we take every step needed to maximize your investment and make every dollar stretch. Let’s take you through the five simple steps needed to power your home off solar.

  • Step 1. The Solar Site Assessment

    Our solar assessments are always free. A trained professional will review certain key elements in your site-specific solar location. We measure sun exposure, spacing, roof condition, pitch and size, ground locations, wiring, and orientation and drone footage. Your actual utility bill will be collected for the next step. We require little to none of your time to complete the initial analysis.

    We will also launch our drone, nicknamed “the Kracken”, for a bird’s eye view of your house and property and provide you with the 4G quality footage if you’d like.

  • Step 2: Design & Engineering

    When the Solar Site Assessment is complete, the solar engineer will model your home in our state-of-the-art software. The solar system’s capacity and capability is designed to match your current and forecasted electricity demand as well as your physical site characteristics. We offer full customization and work with you as we use LIDAR, drone and satellite imaging, shading analysis, and historical weather date to optimize your scenario.

  • Step 3: Personal Consultation

    We are a locally vested company and pride ourselves in face-to-face communication, so once the Solar Assessment is completed the data will flow through the Design and Engineering stage – giving us a Solar Proposal that has all the details for your modelled system. The Proposal will be fully explained by our solar experts, demonstrated in our local solar showroom with actual solar equipment, and you will be guided along step-by-step with full information from pricing to equipment to layout.

  • Step 4: Permitting & Material Ordering

    After the Personal Consultation is complete and all information has been presented, you will have time to think and process and plan for as long as you need – the final decision comes down to you. We give you the solutions and you choose your energy future. Should you decide to proceed, you will approve the final design for your new solar system and we obtain engineered stamped drawings, start pulling site and electrical permits, work with SMECO on the Interconnection Agreement and initiate ordering material. All material is handled by us – we work closely with several American solar distributors and work with the best names in the industry from Solaredge to Ironridge. The material is processed and delivered only days before the install begins.

  • Step 5: Installation & Activation

    The final stage – installing your system on your home. We are licensed and fully insured electricians and handle the full install of the panels. We employ a professional team dedicated to providing the best craftsmanship available in the industry. Most of our installs take only a week and are fully operational within three months of signature on the agreement. We take care of everything from start to finish and you get to flip the switch to turn it on!

    Energy Select’s Solar Division is the first of its kind as it combines our expertise in energy savings first (see Energy Analysis and Retrofit), thus possibly leading to the opportunity to install a smaller and less expensive solar system. We maximize your energy investment by taking into account all factors in your home’s energy usage. The whole picture creates for a better investment and the best return possible.